Borderlands in Images


Some panels created by Dan Archer.


Anthony Talbott speaks about the state of human trafficking around the world and specifically in Ohio.


Professor Talbott’s Monday night lecture was well attended and captured everyone’s attention.


Professor Krain introduces Professor Talbott and Dan Archer before leading the discussion.


Dan Archer presented briefly about his process and the utility of multimedia for creative and informative journalism.


Sarah McKinnon read an excerpt of a chapter from her new book, entitled “Standing in her Shoes: Transnational Politics in US Asylum Policy for Chinese Opposing Population Control.”



Dan Archer (pictured) and Professor Talbott engaged in a lively discussion, answering students’ questions about activism and human trafficking, particularly emphasizing what is being done and what actions students can take.


Students were engaged with Professor McKinnon’s presentation, drawing parallels with what they had learned about policies for immigration and asylum for victims of trafficking.


Much of Professor McKinnon’s lecture focused on the gendering of asylum cases, as well as the legal evolution of recognition of forced sterilization and abortion as legal basis for asylum claims.




Professor Moledina led the charge, and used Storify to unite all the tweets as well as additional images and videos to provide a unitary narrative of the events.


Live-tweeting was a central element of all of the Borderlands events, utilizing the tags #borderlands and #fys, and tweeting directly at @abolitionohio.