Perspectives on Borderlands by Sidney Irias

Nowadays, societies live by stereotypes, labeling people by what they think is acceptable, even happening without people knowing they are judging others. What the speakers explained to us about Borderlands was eye opener. Borderlands contains powerful, real life stories about human trafficking. I believe all these comics were amazing because they not only contain a story but also drawings which allow us to see what really happens without photoshop, frames, or a clear face of the character. Pain and frustration describe almost every story and the person involved in it.

We usually believe that people who do not have a decent job chose that life, but is that true? This brief book makes us see things from another perspective, the victim’s perspective. These people suffered abuse and know know the suffering of long term psychological damage. It is so hard to imagine someone in this position without asking why it happened to them. Truth is there is no answer for that, there is no one reason. These were all examples of people who looked further a better future but ended up trapped in human trafficking. Unfortunately, many will never understand their stories and will simply judge them for the life they lead without knowing their story.

Everybody has a story to tell in this life, whether is a fortunate or an unlucky one. Getting to know a person begins with a single question. There are millions of people going through the misfortune of human trafficking in the world. We can help reduce human trafficking. One of the forms to do so is to educate everyone as much as possible. Human trafficking is one of the worst things people can do. It leaves a person damaged after everything, sometimes without hope or motivation for the future. Thanks to Dan Archer and Donna Trusova we know a little more about human trafficking, how to be aware of it, and how it works.