Slavery Is Alive and Kicking by Zane Thornburg

Human trafficking is often overlooked as an issue that exists today. Many people not only believe that it doesn’t exist anymore, but that it hasn’t existed since the US Civil War. I was one of those people until recently. Through the class I am in, I have learned that it is still very real today.

Through a lecture with Anthony Talbott, I not only learned that it still exists, but that it is everywhere. Human trafficking is not just an issue in countries with a history of neglecting human rights, it is an issue on everyone’s home front. I found this out when Anthony Talbott showed a map of the counties in the state of Ohio and my home county was highlighted showing that it had had several human trafficking convictions recently. Human trafficking was never an issue I had ever imagined existing where I am from, but it is.

I would highly suggest to any person who does not know about human rights issues going on around their home to do some basic research to learn what is going on in their area and/or how they can help to stop the issue or raise awareness. Most important when trying to address issues of as human trafficking or other human rights issues and violations, is to remember that certain goods and services available to you may be produced with the exploitation of another person and the violation of their human rights. So, if you are interested in joining in the fight for human rights, you can start small with your own life and research where the goods and services you consume come from and make changes to only purchase goods and services that aren’t produced by violating human rights.