The idea of an interdisciplinary inquiry into human trafficking was hatched early in the summer of 2014. Matt Krain (Political Science), Amyaz A. Moledina (Economics), and Leah Mirakhor (English) decided to use their First Year Seminar’s (FYS) to collaboratively explore this topic. Our goal is to expose our students (and wider community) to multiple perspectives on trafficking. We wanted to bring together perspectives of community based change agents like Dan Archer and Anthony Talbott, researchers like McKinnon, as well as our expertise on narratives, human rights and economics to bear on this issue. Like any seminar, we have a set of shared readings to start the conversation.

Shared Readings

Archer, Dan and Olga Trusova. Borderland: Seven Stories as Told by Victims of Human Trafficking 1st Edition (2010) Archcomix.com

Eastabrook, Barry. 2009. “Politics of the Plate: The Price of Tomatoes.” Gourmet. March 2009, pp.40-46.

Ohio Trafficking in Persons Study Commission, Research and Analysis Sub-Committee. 2010. “Ohio Trafficking in Persons Study Commission Research and Analysis Sub-Committee Report on the Prevalence of Human Trafficking in Ohio To Attorney General Richard Cordray.” Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

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We thank the Forum Series and the Center for Diversity and Global Engagement for financial support. A special thanks to Heather Skinner from the Cross Cultural Connections program who set-up and designed this website. Finally, we would like to thank Mariana Weyer for help with travel and logistics.